Softeners, Iron, Methane, & Sulfur Removers

North Durham EcoWater has a full line of water purification equipment. We can treat hardness, sediment, magnesium, iron, sulfur, methane and other contaminants in your water. All competeitively priced, EcoWater products are top-of-the-line and manufactured entirely in North America. EcoWater also purchases carbon offsets to make the entire manufacturing process carbon neutral. Check out some of the benefits of having soft, pure water:

Give us a call, or bring in a water sample. We will do a free water test to give you a specialized solution tailored to you water.

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Ultraviolet Sterilizers

UV Dynamic, Sterilight, & Trojan UV brands

If you are on a well, ultra violet sterilization systems are the easy and effective way to ensure safe, potable water for you and your family. EcoWater Noth Durham carries UV replacement bulbs for UV Dynamic, UVMAX, and Sterilight and can also custom order and special bulbs you may need. Give us a call and we'll match you up with the replacement bulb you're looking for.

Please note that although Ecowater North Durham is happy to provide you with a comprehensive test of your water, all bacterial testing is the responsibility of Public Health Ontario, and samples must be submitted to your local government.

Learn more about bacterialogical testing for your well water.

Reverse Osmosis Units

Water that has been filtered by a reverse osmosis system has 99.9% of contaminents filtered out, including bacteria, viruses, pesticides, cycts and more. The most pure drinking water available, reverse osmosis is available to you right from a tap at your kitchen sink, or you can hook it up to your refrigerator's water distpenser. Perfect, for tea, coffee, drinking water, aquariums, and more, reverse osmosis water is the cleanest, purest water you can get.

Ecowater North Durham also has it's own commercial grade reverse osmosis system in store! And now, we also offer re-mineralized drinking water. If you are interested in filling up your own jugs with pure, fresh water, we have several money-saving options available.

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Chemicals, Filters & Parts

filter, parts, and chemical lineup of products

EcoWater North Durham has a complete inventory of the filters, chemicals and parts you need for your home water system. We have filters from 1 mic to 50, from 10" to 20" and from slim to big blue. We carry string, spun polypropylene, pleated, activated and granular carbon, as well as replacements for your reverse osmosis systems.

EcoWater also carries a number of chemical products for your water. We have potassium permanganate, rust remover, resin-bed cleaner, and can special order larger chemical needs such as hydrogen peroxide and polyaluminum chloride. We also carry two brands of softener salt: both high-purity without the dirt or grime in lower-quality salts that can cause damage to your softener.

EcoWater North Durham also carries parts essential to your residential water system. We have a selection of o-rings, wrenches, filter housings, fittings and more. Come into our showroom or give us a call and we can help you find just what you're looking for.