North Durham EcoWater is happy to provide you with all the services you need to maintain your softeners, iron removers, sulfur removers, pressure tanks, UV sterilizers — including UV bulb replacement, reverse osmosis units, filters and more. If your equipment needs to be inspected or repaired, we can send a service technician to your door. Please call us at 905-985-4900 to book an appointment today.

field water test

Free Water Test

Are you concerned about what's in your water? North Durham EcoWater can test your water, free of charge, to analyse exactly what is coming into your home. With a water test we can discover the exact makeup of your water, whether your water equipment is working as prescribed, and allow us to recommend the best solutions to any problems. So come in today to drop off a water sample, or book a home appointment at 905-985-4900

Please note that although Ecowater North Durham is happy to provide you with a comprehensive test of your water, all bacterial testing is the responsibility of Public Health Ontario, and samples must be submitted to your local government.

Learn more about bacterialogical testing for your well water.